Mother earth spirituality in the heart of Derby  


11:11 21 Dec 2012 - we have been waiting a long time for this moment!

Our sun and the solar system is now in a new position in the Galaxy

The Piscean age is OVER! The aquarian age is in place, we are entering the fifth world of the Hopi prophecies an auspicious time, I think you'll agree! We were in sacred sweat lodge at the appointed hour, praying for our fellow man, for the planet, and for the new things that come with these galactic changes. With the aquarian age comes personal responsibility, and a change in the role of community.

The days of them and us are OVER - we are the new them - every one of us!!!!!

Happy Solstice, Happy Christmas, and Happy New Year

Journey work can be used to resolve historic issues, and we may, much like the old native american councils, use a form of constellation to assist a brother or sister in difficult circumstances